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Finger Guards prevent painful finger trapping accidents

Front Guards from £10.95 : Rear Guards from £4.99

Some of our finger guard range of products.

Fitting door finger guards is a simple and economical safety measure - particularly in situations where children or the elderly could sustain finger trapping injuries.

Protect children, your customers and yourself with anti-finger trapping finger guards.

We supply a range of finger guards, including three models with matching rear guards, to cover the rear hinge gap of the door for maximium protection.

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Finger guards are used to prevent finger trapping accidents in the gap between the hinged edge of a door and the door frame. Strips that cover this gap are referred to by various names including

  • Door Guards
  • Door Safety Guards
  • Hinge Guards
  • Hinge Shields
  • Anti-finger trapping devices
  • Finger Guards
  • Finger Shields
  • Finger Guards

British Standards BS7036 (Part 4:7.1) recommends “the use of a finger defender that either fills the finger trap or minimises the gap so as not to create a finger trap".

Door safety - finger protection - finger guards product range

Animation - basic function of a hinge guardThe range of six finger guards that we supply takes into account other considerations beyond safety, such as exact colour matching to decor, door construction materials, hinge type and draught proofing, door closure and fire protection requirements.

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We have budget priced products for doors considered to be low risk and top of the range products for heavily trafficked and/or 'prestigious' areas of a building.

For total protection we offer a guard to cover the smaller hinge gap at the rear of the door. This is colour matched to the FingerKeeper front guard.

We do not install finger guards, only market them, but all the devices we supply can be fitted by someone with basic DIY or 'handyman' skills.

Attention to door safety can prevent distress, or even disfigurement, from one of the more common accidents.

Schools, Care Homes, Local Authorities and similar public bodies - create the safest working environment and guard against potentially costly and disruptive injury claims. Our range includes zero maintenance, heavy duty products tested to over 1 million cycles.

Parents, landlords, shop owners - we sell in low volume too.

To see construction and actual colours available for a device ask for finger protection samples

Improving door safety

Over 30,000 children are injured in the UK as a result of trapping their fingers in doors - RoSPA. RoSPA recommends the provision of guards in indoor play areas as a sensible safety measure.

Care homes, NHS properties and similar premises also benefit from implementing door safety measures.

Independent surveys indicate that "The parts of the body injured in all accidents varied considerably but the fingers (13%) and arm (12%) were most often affected".

Young children and the elderly tend to be most at risk and if your premises fall within the scope of the HSW regulations then you could be deemed negligent if reasonable safety precautions, such as fitting afinger guard to a door, had not been taken and there was an accident.

Protect children, your customers and yourself for a small outlay and fit a guard. If you fit one of the premium products you can make energy savings or improve fire protection too.

How to buy

You can buy and pay by a variety of methods including by phone, fax or online - see 'How to Order' . Delivery is normally next day in the mainland UK. We sell to individuals as well as schools, nurseries, care homes, local authorities, landlords etc.

We are part of the StormFlame Group of companies which sells safety padding, anti-graffiti, disabled access, fire protection, weather-proofing and other products.

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