Glass Door Finger Guard

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Glass Door Finger Guard Product
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Transparent finger guard for interior doors. Light Duty Domestic Use. Easy-fit, self-adhesive. Suitable for internal doors up to 5cm thick.

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Glass Door Finger Guard

Glass Door Finger Guard is a high quality finger guard designed exclusively for use with glass doors. It uses a resilient blind mounted in a robust aluminium housing that attaches to the door frame. The other end of the blind is fixed to the surface of the glass door via an aluminium strip with built-in acrylate-foam high performance tape.

The tension in the blind prevents fingers entering the hinge gap, where they may be subject to trapping. Independently tested to over 1 million opening & closing cycles.

Key Points:

  • A finger guard exclusively for glass doors.
  • Suitable for most single or double-action glass doors.
  • Suitable for manual or automated opening glass doors.
  • Prevents finger trapping accidents.
  • Extremely durable and maintenance free.
  • Tested to over 1 million open & closing cycles.
  • Suitable for 180° opening depending on door configuration.
  • Satin Anodised Aluminium roller system housing with Black fire retardant fabric.

Product Details:

  • Standard length 1925mm, a 2015mm Longer length available to order to comply with EN16605.
  • Max opening width 260mm.
Glass Door Finger Guard Specifications
Product Code Description Size Colour
AFFDEFSAFGL Finger Defender Glass 1925mm Satin Anodised Aluminium