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Finger Defender Retractable Hinge Guard.

Slim but strong retractable blind type finger guard at a competitive price.

Finger Defender



All Aluminium housing.

Anodised finish in 3 stock colours.

Suitable for Automatic or Manual door opening.

Use with most single or double-action doors.

Can be used on pivot doors.

May suit automated gates (check first)

Acts as a light door closing mechanism

Extremely durable and maintenance free

Length : 1925mm or 2015mm

Opens to 260mm

EN16654:2015 tested - Child Protection Products.

BS8613:2017 tested - Finger Protection for Pedestrian Doors.

2015mm size meets EN16005:2012 for automatic doors.

See also Finger Defender Glass Door Guard and Exterior Door Guard

Finger Defender - Buy Online starting from £99.00 (ex VAT).

Finger Defender - front hinge gap.
For automated or manual operation doors - Shop online

Finger Defender Finger Guard in Satin Aluminium finish.

Finishes: White, Silver (Satin Aluminium), Dark Bronze. Any RAL colour (to minimum order)


Stock Colours - Finger Defender Roller Type Finger Guard.

Now available in a WASHABLE-PROOF VERSION, for sterile environments (e.g. hospital, kitchens and other clean areas), and a version for GLASS DOORS . These are manufactured to the same high standards as the original guard and use special materials designed to their specific roles.


Finger guard blind  max. opening dimensions.


Tested to over 1 million open & closing cycles

Fits most doors up to 180º opening

Can be used on pivot doors

Common door fitting configurations shown below

Configuration options for this finger guard

Finger Defender has a high quality, resilient, non-flammable blind that prevents fingers entering the cavity formed between the edge of the door and door frame.

A robust anodised aluminium housing protects the retracted blind from knocks and scrapes, whereas concertina style blinds are more exposed to deliberate or accidental damage.

The housing has neat end caps for a very tidy looking finish.

A detailed installation sheet is provided with the product - no special tools are required.

Two lengths, to fit the majority of domestic and commercial doorway heights, are available, Standard 1925mm or Long 2015mm. The 2015mm size meets EN16005.



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