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Finger Guard ClearClear Finger Guard for Doors

A clear finger guard for internal doors opening up to 110 degrees and up to 5cm thick.

Sold in 1950 mm lengths to fit the majority of internal doors.

Non-brittle, easy to clean polymer material.

Installs using strong self-adhesive strips built into the guard.

If the door will be subject heavy use / service we recommend supplementing the adhesive strips with screws (see install data below).


Guard Colours

The transparent guard avoids possible décor colour clashes that can occur with solid colour materials.


Showing the clear door finger guard in use.

Key Points

Clear material is not brittle and resists cracking and splitting under pressure.

Quick to fit / Easy to clean.

Attached with built in self-adhesive strips.

Door thickness up to 5cm.

Tested to 250,000 open / close cycles.

Low price.

Clear Finger Guard - Buy Online £11.45 (ex VAT).

Finger Keeper Protect

Clear Finger Guard. Front hinge guard in a non-brittle, clear polymer.

Guard Installation

Fitting the finger guard needs only basic DIY skills.

If the door opens to a wider angle than 110 degrees a door stop should be used or the guard may tear free damaging the door or frame.


Fitting clear finger guard Steps 1, 2


Fitting clear finger guard Steps 3, 4


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