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Industrial Door Finger Guard in TPVSR71 door finger guard. TPV material in aluminium carriers.

A door finger guard for interior or exterior doors. Designed for demanding commercial, retail & industrial environments or anywhere heavy duty use is anticipated.

Available in Black or White TPV guard material in an anodised aluminium carrier.

SR71 TPV finger guard colour options.

TPV (ThermoPlastic Vulcanizate polymer) is based on EPDM rubber but has greater tear strength and resistance.

Supplied with self-drilling screws for fixing and cover strips to conceal them.

Dimensions & Specifications:Standard width  guard

2100mm (Standard) and 2500mm (Long).

Guard Widths:
157mm (Standard) or 257mm (Wide).

Guard Material:
TPV (ThermoPlastic Vulcanizate polymer).



    TPV material finger guard on butt-hinged door.

    Designed for use with timber or steel doors.

    Minimum 35mm door thickness.

    Can be used for butt hinged or pivot doors.

    Very long anticipated lifespan.

    High UV resistance.

    Resistant to weathering and chemicals.

    Opening angles up to 120 degrees.

    Supplied with self drilling screws

    Can be ordered online, by phone, fax email or post and paid for in several ways including Credit Card and cheque.

    WIDER OPTION - for powered gates etc.

    The safety strip on the wide version is 257mm compared to the standard strip width of 157mm. Length is 2100mm.

    Material specification is otherwise the same as the standard version. Available in Black only.

    Extra width door finger guard.

    LONGER OPTION: This is the same as the standard version in all respects except length, 2500mm, and available in Black only.

Fingerkeeper Industrial TPV - Buy Online from £32.95 (ex VAT).

Finger Keeper Industrial

Fingerkeeper Industrial TPV - SR71. Butt or pivot hinged doors
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