FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62

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FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 On a Closed Door
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Slimline but heavy duty finger guard for industrial / commercial or similar premises. Black EPDM guard materials. Wider or Longer versions available.

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FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62

FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 is a heavy duty finger-pinch protection device (anti-finger-trapping hinge guard). Manufactured from Black EPDM fitted in an Satin Anodised Aluminium carrier, that has black inserts to conceal the fixing screws. The EPDM safety strip prevents fingers being pinched on the hinge side of a door. It is fixed to the door and the jamb on the hinged side.

The FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 anti-finger trapping guard suit the most demanding industrial environments.

Key Points:

  • Door finger Guard suited to demanding commercial and industrial environments.
  • Anodised Aluminium and EPDM Rubber construction.
  • Fits butt hinged or centre pivot doors.
  • Available for 157mm or 260mm (wide) gaps.
  • Available in 2100mm or 2500mm (long) versions.
  • Easily removed and re-fitted to allow door maintenance.
  • Long anticipated lifespan.

Product Details:

  • Supplied in standard lengths of 2100mm x 157mm wide.
  • There is a LONG version - 2500mm x 157mm strip width.
  • There is a WIDE version - 2100mm x 260mm strip width.
  • All versions can be cut to length required and/or butt jointed.
  • All versions suit butt hinged or centre pivot door.
  • All versions permit 90° or 180° opening.
  • NOTE: Two guards are required for centre pivot doors.
FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 Specifications
Product Code Description Width Length Colour
AFFKIND Standard Version FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 157mm 2100mm Aluminium / Black EPDM Rubber / Black cover strips
AFFKINDX Long Version FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 157mm 2500mm Aluminium / Black EPDM Rubber / Black cover strips
AFFKINDWB Wide Version FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 260mm 2100mm Aluminium / Black EPDM Rubber / Black cover strips