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Reflective corner guard for parking bays etc.

Corner Guard Industrial reduces damage to property and vehicles. It is suitable for use in car parking bays, loading areas and similar locations where vehicles are active.

High visibility colours attract attention and help prevent collisions and scrapes.

Detail of constructionAn aluminium strip is enclosed in the protective padding, increasing the strength and cushioning effect of the guard strip.


The padding consists of an Integral Skin Urethane (for better durability) covered with highly reflective tape.


Parking bays using corner guard industrial

Key Points

Quick and easy to install

Resists knocks and scrapes

Highly reflective

Supplied pre-drilled with all fittings

Strip dimensions 1000 x 95 x 95mm

18mm thick padding

Dimensional data

Meets the safety requirements of construction, inflammability and toxicology.


Corner Guard Industrial

Corner Guard Industrial - Safety Cushioning
Hi-Viz colours and a reinforced Aluminium core.

Corner Guard Industrial - Buy Online £24.95 (ex VAT).

Corner Guard Industrial - Shop online
Protect your warehouse, garage, car parks or factories wall edges


Step 1

Fit the bottom of the guard 200mm off the floor.

Step 2 

Drill six holes for fitting the guard to align with the six pre-drilled holes in the guard.

Step 3


Position guard and fit the supplied anchor bolts or appropriate alternative fixings

Step 4

Cap the fixing holes with the nylon caps provided.

Step 5





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