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Wall Corner GuardsSoft safety cushioning to protect babies and toddlers


Wall Corner Guards are a type of safety cushioning designed to reduce the impact of collisions with wall edges, pillars, stair edges etc.

The cushioning materials are carefully chosen to wear well, be child-friendly and be easy to clean.

This thickly padded wall-edge guard strip features a continuous urethane skin that encases a 15mm thick urethane padding layer. This one-piece design is more durable than 2 part strips.

Suitable for use on any smooth and even interior surface including windowsills, radiators, worktop edges, steps etc.



Key Points

Strip dimensions 1000 x 58 x 58mm



Suitable for use on any smooth and even interior surface.

Highly durable - resistant to shocks and scrapes

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Child-safe materials - certified per ST Safe Toys requirements.

Flame retardant and waterproof

Contain no toluene or heavy metals

Quick & Easy to install

Corner Guard Colours:

Corner Guard colour options.

Available in red, yellow, blue, ivory and grey (colours shown are approximate due to computer screen variations).


Wall Corner Guards - Buy Online £14.38 (ex VAT).

Wall Corner Guards. Child Protection and Safety Products.
Available in a Red, Yellow, Blue, Ivory and Grey colour - Shop online

Corner Guard Installation:

Fitting corner edge guards needs only basic DIY skills as they are affixed with silicone sealant (MS-Polymer).

Corner guards can be used outdoors too but will endure a shorter life due to weathering.



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